Saturday, 8 May 2010

To Live By A Theme

Sat waiting for Nightmare on Elm Street to begin in the cinema last night (I may give you a review of it later if you're lucky), I was telling my friend about my trip to the Disney Store the other day, where I came across some amazing trainers. They went up to size 3-4 and were only £10 so I figured seeing as I am a size 4 and they were so damn cool I would have to get myself a pair. I do love being small and fitting into children's shoes

This was when she told me this theory of hers she'd been thinking about. She told me that live my life by a theme and I'm like the only person she knows who does. I thought about this a little then asked her what she meant. Theme of My Life: MAGIC. 

Haha what an amazing thing for someone to say. Obviously an amazing theme to live by too... I don't think I've ever really thought about it before and if asked I imagine my answer would have been 'childhood' or something but 'magic' is so very much cooler.

So let's recap.
I have faeries tattooed down my back. I now have them all the way down, but I didn't have a decent picture of all of them, so this old one with just the first faerie will have to do.
This is in the theme of magic I guess =]
Plus the two tattoos I've already shared with you of SuperMe and of the DrinkMe Bottle, which should both count as part of this magical theme.

Then there is my poetry, a lot of which falls under the magical banner along with my stage name SuperPennie.

So instead of me going through all the magical aspects of my themed life, which I imagine would be somewhat tiresome, I am going to ask you all to contribute your own themed lives.
Do you have a theme to which you live by? What is it? How so?

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  1. I'm glad i inspired this, i need to work on figuring out my own now.

    You are magical, great post as always.