Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Underground Challenge: Part 5

We're putting together a video to gain some exposure for The Underground Challenge! 

You should all know all about it by now, but if not be sure to click that link and get involved! 

If you want to get involved in the video send us a clip or a photo of you and/or your mates. We're looking for a variety of things so be creative!!
Need an idea?? How about:

Holding a sign saying something along the lines of 'underground challenge' or 'get involved' or 'smile' or something...

Being creative on some form of public transport.

Out and about on the streets.

Your grandparents.

Your pets. 

Trying to get as many artists/musicians as we can involved too... obviously we'd put your name and myspace or whatever with the video!

The deadline for this is THIS Saturday 15th. I know it's not long, but we wanna make the vid as soon as we can and get it out there! 

When you've put together some gold to share with us and inspire someone, email it over to me at

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  1. YOu don't stop surprising me. I'm impressed by the range of amazing ideas you're putting together to make this wonderful project work. Congratulations my dear, for all the efforts. =*