Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Underground Challenge: Part 4

We've had business cards made up and they arrived this morning. They look pretty lush if I do say so myself.

I'll start passing them out around London today and hopefully get more people involved! The group is slowly growing, which is nice to see but I can't deny I'd prefer if it grew a little faster! 

So if you haven't already hit up the UndergroundChallenge on Facebook and pass it on! You don't need to be in London to play, you can join in wherever you are. 


  1. Pennie!!! What a great project!! Congrats on the cards, they are so beautiful! I think I haven't joined the community yet, and I'll do this later today, promise. Hope you get more and more people involved! Kisses!

  2. Pennie! I joined the community, but the bloody pond hinders me from participating! It's a brilliant project and good luck with it. Should you find the time and the funds to send me a card, I'd proudly carry it so when I visit London, I'd be ready to put it to good use!