Thursday, 9 September 2010

New Look

Just a quicky to ask you all what you think of the new layout? The lovely GregoryGaige spent the evening (morning) designing and implementing SuperPennie's facelift. He is a bit amazing =]

As I'm doing the update thing, I finally finished reading 1984. I know, it took me ages! I'm a slow reader... well not exactly. I read loads, fairly quickly, then wear myself out and only read tiny bits in several intervals until I get all excited about it and read loads in one go again. I have a short attention span!

I started reading Aldous Huxley's Brave New World yesterday, on recommendation from a man that frequents our pub. He lent it to me ages ago, but as it took me so long to get through 1984 I have only just got round to it. I will try my best to read this faster.

I was left a little empty after 1984. I will now permit myself to watch the movie and compare. I didn't want to watch it first. Though I am not looking forward to the bit with the rats.


  1. The new layout is quite nice, especially the colours. The new font is much nicer as well!


  2. I really like the new layout, it looks awesome, except it seems to be being cropped slightly by my browser. I'm missing the "W" on the beginning of "Writer".

    Since you seem to be engaged in some kind of dystopian fiction reading conquest I'll suggest another; Swastika Night ( by Katharine Burdekin, it's not exactly easy going but it is good. A good dystopian movie is Terry Gilliam's Brazil, it's pretty much a reworking of 1984, with an added giant Samurai warrior.