Sunday, 21 February 2010

February's FairyTale

Ok. So I'm writing this blog post but I'm yet to decide if it is suitable for posting (RE: some old posts to see why...). But I'm going to tell you a story anyway, because I think it's funny (and kind of a little cute) and I don't think it'll be as embarrassing to tell you now as it would have been last week. Maybe.

So for the last year I have been avoiding women after concluding they are all nut cases and I have to study. I choose books over girls, does that make me a geek? Well, probably.

I have been perfectly happy under my single banner and probably the least stressed out I have been since I started dating people at all. My darling best friend thought she would pull me out of said happiness and throw me towards whatever the opposite of peace and serenity is. Chaos, maybe?

I get a phone call from her telling me she has found me a girl and that she isn't crazy and that I have to talk to her. She was very excited about all of this as I remained completely against the idea. Whilst this was going on, my best mates girlfriend was in the same room on the phone to the girl in question and there is a lot of screaming going on (I do actually hate girls that scream, throwing that out there). Turns out this girl has been on the phone to my mates girlfriend complaining about crazy lesbians and wondering if there are any that aren't crazy. This was the moment my mate chimes in proclaiming that she knows one! One! Next came my phone call.

My mate was demanding I talk to the girl, as I laughed it off and refused, perfectly content with my life as it is. She talks me into looking at her on Facebook, which I do. I agree that she is pretty but I still do not care and I continue to refuse. I'm soon talked into messaging the girl. It's a short (abrupt) message pretty much saying I was told to say hello.

And so it began.

What's funny is how the girl knew my mates girlfriend. But that's not my story to tell, so you'll have to use your imaginations. But I will tell you that I soon found out that neither my friend nor her girlfriend had ever actually met this girl in person before. How ridiculous is that?

So we talk lots and meet up and she makes me forget that I hate women a little bit. I've never been in this situation before (having a girl thrown at me that is) and it was all a little strange, but turns out she is actually a bit lovely. She's a Cancer and as much as I don't want to believe in all that astrology rubbish it seems to be right about the fact that I get on well with Cancers. Maybe it's just all in my head...

She actually came to a poetry night, which is really fucking cool (putting up with my poetry obviously helps pick up points). I suddenly realise the further into this story I go the less it seems like a good idea for me to share it with you all... Especially as I know she's going to read this and laugh at me as it is!

After lots of me being awkward and being told to man up this section of the story does indeed have a happy ending. I say this section, because fairytales only ever tell you up to the part where the princess gets her prince and they live happily ever after, but you never get told what that happily ever after entails... I imagine lots of formalities and fake conversations with people at balls you don't really want to go to.

I can only presume mine will not fit into this category as formalities and balls are not actually things I come across very often (being that I'm not a princess, I'm more like PeterPan). But if anyone wants to throw me a ball, I have a green princess dress somewhere just waiting for an excuse.

I say that, but the likelihood of me ever building up the courage to wear the pretty princess dress out is so very low. And I don't even know if it fits anymore after spending 2 years of my life getting fat (thank you university). Now I'm just going off on a tangent a bit, but you have to be used to that by now! I mean come on, this has to be like blog post 60 or something, right?


  1. I agree with you both on the women are crazy part, and it has nothing to do with lesbians. I blame (certain 'sects' of) feminism, though, which I'm sure you'll completely disagree with. Everyone has always been crazy to some extent, but females are growing in specific types of crazy every day!

    I hope this eventually brings you happiness, and more importantly, contentment, whatever the outcome.

    P.S. don't start getting all illogical on me now that you've found some positivity! We both know astrology is full of shit.

  2. I don't know if feminism is to blame for women being crazy, but I can't give you an alternate answer. Maybe the media, in turning us all against each other. Maybe feminism for having us step away from constrained norms - turning nice girls into dicks. Maybe oestrogen. I have no idea. But they are mostly all crazy. I've found a few that are alright. Pretty much me and a few of my friends so far lol, and the new girl friend but with my luck I'll realise she's crazy too. I hope not though, she's lovely =p

    Haha and yeah, happiness clouds your rationality. I'll try to keep my head on straight, I know astrology is all bollocks but I can't help but notice the things it gets right, even if they are general sweeping statements that could only ever be right.

  3. Of all the personal blogs I've came a crossed your stories are pretty interesting, plus you make good poems.

    Keep it up...girls are not being crazy, they just love freedom, they're kinda free spirits.

  4. Yeah, I am with Unidentified. Feminists which belong to certain 'sects' as Unidentified claimed sometimes make me agitated. Maybe it's the media, but don't forget the media is in some degree spammed by the feminists as well!

    Hope everything is going well.


  5. What a nice tale to tell. I've tried writing gay fairy tales for some time now, but GLBT book market in Brazil is hard to succeed.

    I've started a nice story though, you can read 3 parts of it, if it interests you in my Lez Get Real archive. It's been a long time I don't write anything with the girls there.

    I guess I decided to go back to the closet since no princess showed up to save me from myself, you know. =P

    Take care and keep smiling. Very good luck with your fairy tale.

    Kiss your cheeks!