Saturday, 13 February 2010

Hans Christian Andersen

So the other day I was thinking about stories I liked when I was a kid and how a lot of them were ruined by being brightened up (like by Disney and the likes). In following this thought through I hit up Amazon and purchased a copy of Hans Christian Andersen's Complete Fairy Tales. 

It is pretty damn awesome! More awesome than I thought it would be in fact. I saw my package from Amazon, sat patiently waiting for my attention up on the table in the hallway outside my bedroom. I swiftly pulled open the cardboard to see it was huge (I should have assumed as much considering the word 'complete' is in the title, but shhh)! It was wrapped in cellophane, which doesn't often happen to be honest, so that was quite exciting. I pull the book out and realise it is HARD BACK. You have no idea how excited I got. I ripped off the cellophane and sat holding the book, touching the cover and just looking at it. I got a little bit over excited and was about to start crying, so I put the book down and left the room for a few minutes to calm down. 

Yes I am actually that lame.

A friend of mine phoned me at this point, which meant I had someone to share my excitement with. Which was so very necessary! I could well have exploded. I was actually about to phone Mr Gaige and tell him all about it before my phone started ringing! I literally spent the next 20 minutes talking about how happy I was and what it felt like and how it smelt like new book. I even went on Skype so I could show her the book on webcam. 

At which point, she informed me of a movie I should really have known about from the 50's which I have now ordered! Amazon tells me it will be at my door by Tuesday. This too makes me very happy! Hopefully it comes in the morning as I plan to go away for a couple of days and would love to take it with me so we can watch it together and sit and get all girlie at the singing and the storytelling! 
Amazon should blates pay me commission... I should write them a letter or something =p

I will give you my thoughts on the movie after I watch it! I have actually banned myself from reading for fun until after my degree, so you will all have to wait until summer for a book review. I find I feel really guilty for reading anything that isn't studying so have implemented a rule. 


  1. I now have Danny Kaye singing the Ugly Duckling in my head. From memory, it's a beautiful, beautiful movie. You'll love it!

    In fact....

  2. I had a similar experience before but I didn't go as far as crying!!! I remember it was 'The Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell'.(Yes! A philosophy book again!) I got excited about other books as well, but this happened to be one of those that got me most excited. I got excited by the fact that it was hard cover and that it smelt like new book as well. I actually pressed it so tight against my face that I could feel the texture of the cover. It sounded crazy but that was what I did. I completely understand how you felt.

    Uh... Reading is supposed to be fun but you made it sound so boring. Everything is just so much better when you do it for fun.


  3. Ohhh I want to borrow this book!! I love this film (It's musical theatre of course I do..duh) 'Oh wonderful, wonderful copenhagen'...soo cool and I have it on dvd...sorry but you only had to ask! You'll like having your own copy anyway xxx