Saturday, 6 March 2010

Lyrical Challenge

I know! I suddenly suck at this frequent posting thing! I've been all distracted. I shall not be sharing stories of my distractions with you, as entertaining as they may be... Instead I'm going to give you a little update!

On the 9th I'm performing at Lyrically Challenged along side Sabrina Mafouz and Raymond Artbous

Passing Clouds, 
1 Richmond Road, 
E8 4AA

The night is run by a friend of mine known as MC Angel and the idea is that every month the poets are challenged to write a new poem. The theme of this months poem is fairytales so I'm going to do a take on The Red Shoes - Well that's the plan. So far I don't like anything I've come up with, so I may consider picking a different fairytale to try soon. 

I'm going to post the challenge to you lot. I want you to write me a poem based on a fairytale! Any fairytale you like =] 

I look forward to reading your responses! 
And if you're in London and you're free be sure to check out the event!  

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