Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Poem: The Emperor's New Clothes

MC Angel asked me to rewrite a fairytale as part of this months Lyrical Challenge, so here's my piece.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Pride is one of those things
That springs up to clip your wings
Or pull those strings that help with progress.
Pride will have you guessing
Before ever expressing a need for help
Or letting on that you’re lost.
Pride comes at a cost you’re never willing
To give into.
So one day, once upon a time
In a land far, far away
Or maybe just next door
There’s an Emperor who cares for nothing
But his bling. His style, his smile, his robes
Probe inquiry
And he loves the attention.
He loves it when you mention him
Or look at him with awe
He’d have a castle made of straw
If you’d adore him a little more.
So he hires two new weavers
Who promise him a suit
The finest ever made or worn
And never touched by man before.
It’s made from lace
Engraved with gold
And takes it’s place as they unfold
It’s made from special fabric
Designed to trick the kingdoms fools
See to them the suit’s invisible!
Too proud to admit that he can’t see shit
The Emperor dons his new attire
And speaks about its beauty
About its colours and design
As he swirls the courtroom naked
And he marches all the time
So the moral of the tale kids
Is to let go of any pride
Which leads to sheep mentality.
Somewhere after once upon a time
But before the happy after
Came a little boy
Too innocent to sense the rules,
He laughed and pointed
Soon disjointed, the crowd began to slack
And they all laughed and they all pointed
At the Emperors naked crack.

It was going to be based on The Red Shoes, but I couldn't write anything decent. So I picked a different story.

The other challengers of the night, Raymond Artbous who did Rumplestiltskin and  Sabrina Mafouz who did Little Red Riding hood were awesome! MC Angel did a take on Cinderella which was also amazing. Over all a fantastic evening and I think any of you lot in London should totally come next month!

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