Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Problem With Blogging

Once I start writing, I usually stay in that mode for a while. I realise this doesn’t sound like a problem, not on first glance anyway, but blog’s are short bursts of thought from me to you; they end quickly. But I can’t be sat here writing post after post, filling up the reader feeds of my followers to a point where they don’t do the reading part of that relationship. It’s all got to be in moderation. I know, of all the blogs/sites I follow, I get fed up with the ones that are posting hundreds a day. In fact there is only one of the bunch that posts shed loads, that keeps me happy as Larry – and that’s mostly ‘cause I’m a big geek and it tells me about all the geeky things I wouldn’t have thought to look up for myself. Like the fact that there exists this giantess fetish in the world (mostly Japan – they hold the title for most fetishes apparently), which would be something to do with giant women (or tiny men) and sex.

Reading that back I can see what that sounds like so I’m going to point you towards io9 for yourselves as there are way more awesome things that that kinda porny example…

More on this same problem with blogging, is that the style I’m writing in here is pretty specific. It’s not the same tone as my poetry or my (attempt at a) novel. It’s also miles away from any sort of philosophy essay, though slightly closer to music reviews I guess. This means my need to keep writing passed that initial blog is unhelpful in getting writing done as I can’t jump through styles all that easily. My brain needs to be utilising some different region, switching on lights in a corner to the left (or something) and I’m just not much of a jumper. Never have been… I remember days of being forced into things like athletics in P.E and not wanting to even try the high jump...

So I either have to write another blog or not write at all – but who knows when the next time I’m going to feel the urge to get all bloggy again? So here is my solution: to just stock up. I’m writing in word and if I haven’t blogged for a few days, I’ll pull this baby out of storage for a quick once over, then BAM!

I have come to really enjoy blogging over these past couple of months. I get to write pretty much how I speak – which probably annoys those Grammar Nazis and what not, but I spend all my time writing philosophy essays and having to be all proper and academic that I appreciate the release. Considering I started the blog because I was told as a journalists/columnists I need to have one if I ever want to be paid for my words, I’m probably shooting myself in the foot a little bit here. Which is a shame. You see, my feet and I have been together for a while now and losing one like that just isn’t going to work for me. But this was all a bit of a side note -

It means you get to really feel like I’m talking to you, instead of you just reading some words some lady over in the UK wrote one day in the past. Pretend this is for you; these are your words. ‘Cause you and me, we’re going to be tight =]


  1. I really like your blog. And you do Philosophy. There aren't enough of us.

    And I like that 'City Boy' video in the post below.

    I solemnly swear to fulfil my duty of readership- you're quite the find!

    trustyourtechnolust.blogspot.com (for future reference).

  2. This is for sure a nice post, it's true and sincere and I haven't been here long, but I like reading your blog because it's YOU.

    I've been blogging for a year now, and I simply LOVE it, I think it's very important for me as a person and a writer I want to be one day. Writing Poesia Torta, which is a very rough attempt to write poetry and Diários de Filosofiawhich is all about philosophy but not the academic type demands time, brain cells and passion above all. I do feel important blogging. What about you?!

    Take care and smile, girl! =*

  3. I can relate... blogging and poems are two different creatures, but flex those word muscles, they are in places you'd be surprised to find them, and blogging is just one of them... I look forward to seeing your writing evolve... beautiful writer, girl, keep it up!

  4. I enjoy following your blog, it is well written, everything "outstanding". Happy 2010

  5. It is hard to put out the right amount of content. I have been posting tons lately, but have been on hiatus.

    Part of it is finding what you want from your blog. I tend to post things that interest me, but I admit I try to get things out that will please my readers. It took me a few months to get into a kind of pattern, and with my return to University I have lost it again.