Saturday, 30 January 2010

SpeedPoem: We Are One

Me and a Twitter Friend attempted a speed poem to the the same title - he got round to doing his a lot sooner than I did - but I'm a busy bee. You can check out his version of the poem here

So here is a quick 10 minute stab at poetry:

We Are One

We are. Collectively singular. One and the same.
In the only single category that's part of the game
Aims of understanding
Of knowledge out of grasp
Have us swiping at that nothing that's the same
As our parts.

You and I and
Me and the tree
Are the same. Are one. Framed by being
Seeing only in 2D
Blind to depth, to life, this reality
There's death tied in
Wound in. Breaking everything
That sings to bring
The end


  1. This is what I get from this piece;
    We are one; male, female.
    Not the same body parts, yet we are one.

    Comparing life to a tree and realizing that death
    Comes to the end of our existence.

  2. Nice. I did the 'to a timeframe' thing a few times on my MySpace - most of them are called something like "18 minutes and stop" cos I'd look at the clock and it'd be 7:42 or something and I'd tell myself I'd write til 8. Forces something out doesn't it?

    Nice work Pen.

  3. Good. The second part has touched me. I wish I could do that in 10 minutes.


  4. What a beautiful thing! I liked it a lot! =)
    Simple and intelligent poems do touch me.

    Kiss you Pennie!