Monday, 18 January 2010

Unfinished Poetry

All year I've been trying to write a poem; a specific poem. You know the one.

I have ended up with a series of unfinished poems. Poems I didn't know where to go with, poems where I couldn't find the right words, poems that didn't even piece together.

So this is a shorty to ask the writers out there for advice on the matter. What do you do when you want to write a poem you can't write? When there is something you need to say that wont come out...

I am toying with the idea of just posting up my unfinished pieces, but I'm particular when it comes to my poetry. I want it to be perfect, or at least be good enough to show people - that first draft. So while I debate the matter, I am calling for help. Poets, writers and whoever else might have a plan - how do I finish that unfinished masterpiece?

I figured I'd add a vid I made ages ago after reading 23discordians comment:


  1. "My kingdom for a good thought.
    My kingdom for the right word."

    This is a short poem I wrote in one of these 'unfinished' moments.

    It's funny you saying that, I'm constantly in trouble with the poems I write. I have many unfinished. I just leave them for a while, and keep writing and posting everything that happens to become a short poem in the middle of all the process.

    My creative process is all based in surrealistic techniques, and I know even when I don't seem to find the right word for the right poem, I know it will show up sooner or later.

    That's how I do.

    Kiss you Pennie!

  2. Get out those scissors and turn it into a cut-up piece! Even if you end up with nothing good from it, it might provide the inspiration you need. Just don't forget how to put it back together again!

  3. I too have many unfinish poems. Some of my unfinish work I post them to my a good line comes to mind I relax, sit b4 the computer and just write thoughts that comes to mind at that moment. Then later, a day or two I go over the write...that's when I add and delete. My good writes comes from the poems I spend less time with...when I just shut the door of the world and write. If my my power line involves water I search for pictures of water, go deep into thoughts and write on it. Often times i put myself in certain situations( like in a different character and write.) I even post a piece onto my blog...then go back and add and delete. A poets poem is never finish.
    Relax and write.