Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Last Night's SpeechMotion

Last night was this months SpeechMotion - and it was AWESOME. Not from a biased I'm involved kinda way, more like a it was genuinely awesome kinda way. There was a massive crowd, which is always nice. But half of them disappeared after the interval (light weights), which was a shame because they then missed the amazing Tim Wells doing his thing as well as a film by Sascha Zimmermann about a hold up in the middle of nowhere - which was hilarious! Three girls dressed in bunny suits (or something) with guns trying to hold up a petrol station = gold. 

I filmed (well my camera filmed whilst being held by my beautiful assistant) a few performances of the night, which will be put up on YouTube eventually - I'll let you know! There's a couple of poems from me, MC Angel and Tim Wells as well as a comedy sketch from a group called 'Your Mum' which was brilliant. Sorry I didn't film everything but when I got there I realised I didn't have a full battery and I had to make choices. There were some stand up comic in the open mic you would have enjoyed laughing at, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Or the dice rolls. Or the porcelain dolls smashes when you drop it's scary face out of a window...

I was sat on the floor during the comedy sketch with my sister's dog (who felt the need to sit on my lap rather than the floor - I guess she didn't want to get her bum dirty or something, the little diva) who freaked out a little bit when the three girls started running on the spot. She tried to charge at them so she could play as well and I had to hug her to keep her back. I imagine an excited puppy jumping on you while you're trying to act wouldn't have be fun (for the girls at least). 

As always Missy was the star of the show getting the most hugs and kisses out of everyone all night. It's not jealousy, don't worry - just thought I'd point out that I never get that sort of love and attention and it's just not fair! *cough* I mean... erm... moving on.

Oh no saying that, a couple people hugged me and it made me feel a little uncomfortable. So if we are meeting for the first time, it is really ok if you don't touch me. I wont be offended. Well, hand shakes are fine. 

The night was a massive success and thank you to everyone who came down to support as well as came to perform. Even though I'm not convinced any of those people read this... but I just want to make all you non-attenders feel guilty! (Ok that last part wasn't true, I'll see all your beautiful faces tomorrow. Kinda)

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