Sunday, 13 December 2009

Kind of like a failure, but not really

I didn't get anywhere near my 50 poem mark today, it was a lot harder than I wanted it to be! The first few poems were fine, rolled right out but then I started running out of words. I didn't want to just be posting absolute shit (moderate is still editable =p) so I stopped when I had nothing left to say. Even though I was way out on my target I am still happy with the results. Speed writing isn't something I want to try in such large doses again, but forcing myself to write once in a while seems like a good idea if I'm having issues with productivity. I will go over the poems I wrote today during the week and touch them up a bit and maybe get one of them up on YouTube =]

I had some people suggesting titles at me over the past week which was nice and gave me lots of choices to work with and also means I have loads of left over titles if I feel the need to try any more speed writing! I even got a couple people joining in with me, doing a few speed poems of their own.

I think my favourite of today might be #10. Not Really Into Scaring Crows but I don't know...

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