Wednesday, 16 December 2009

superpennie dot com

I have my website floating around in the cyber world just waiting for your lovely attention. Though it's not actually ready yet. I now own and will be making a website as soon as possible. So far it's just a page letting you know it's a process. Me and the freeola website are not friends, I have been battling with really simply things all day trying to sort out the website and the email addresses. Maybe I shouldn't blame freeola, I do have a mac and we all know that means everything is a little harder to achieve... I am looking forward to the day that it doesn't matter what platform I try to work on, because they can all work together. Mac does try to work with everything else, in their cute little way - but everything else seem to refuse to be mac friendly and I just don't understand. Ok and sure, part of my battle today is because I've never done this before and I am working it all out for the first time, but I am a firm believer in user friendly activities that don't discriminate against those unfamiliar. But maybe I'm just a little bit wound up that I can't do everything with ease.

I have stepped away from trying to sort all this out for the day to get ready for a performance this evening. It is really cold so I am delaying getting dressed and leaving the house (hence the blog entry)... I'm performing at Eastern Block tonight with a few other poets.
I used to work at a club called Ghetto when I was a fresher at university and it was by far the greatest club I had ever been too. But it was all down hill thanks to various factors - one of which being the government destroying Tottenham Court Road to build a cross rail - and is now under new management. As Eastern Block they are putting on their first poetry night, which if goes well may be repeated. So hopefully it'll be a good night.

I will be taking some copies of my album with me of course, in the hopes of making some sales *hint hint*.

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