Thursday, 31 December 2009

OMG It's NYE 2010

2010 sounds a little crazy doesn't it? I remember all the fuss over 2000 and the end of the world and all that jazz but 2010 sounds like the setting for some futuristic movie. Only we've totally failed with a whole lot of our futuristic expectations...

In the 1980's Back To The Future showed us hover-boards; where the hell are they? Surely we've worked out the technology to hover by now!
And why are we not living on the moon in tin foil suits yet?
Why are we still driving the same old four wheeled cars - with gear sticks?
Why haven't we cured world hunger yet? Or found a better source of energy? Yeah yeah, "Solar Power" I know... but what actually runs off solar power really? It's still too expensive for anyone to actually be running their houses off, or cars, or planes....

We failed our past selves with our rubbishness. I personally blame the fact that people want to make money more than they want to do science. We have way more technology than the everyday man can get his hands on, but nobody is selling up for less than more money than they could possibly ever need. Oh and those particular folk, who spend all day shouting that science is the devils work and ignorance is the only way into heaven.

So how do I plan to step into the under achieving future? Well I'm plan-less. Ok, that's not totally true - I have about 5 plans that I've yet to commit to as I sit in my room begrudging this need for celebration the world encourages, every time we make it through a year. I think I've grown out of all this celebrating and I'm really tempted to stay home and be a recluse. I enjoy the recluse life, but it's one the social person can get their head around.

Why would you not want to go out and get bladdered? Why would you not want to spend your evening surrounded by loud, sweaty drunks? You need to start the year as you mean to go on; with a party! 

I definitely do not want my entire year to be filled with drunken social situations. Been there, done that, can't be assed to hit repeat. Really if I want to start the year as I mean to go on, I should spend the evening writing and doing work in powerful attempts to achieve something with my life. 'Cause that's what I want a whole lot more than the drunkness and the sweat.

You see, I worked in a club for a year. And it wasn't any year, it was my first year at university. So every day for a year I was either out clubbing or in a club working (which amounted to the same thing up until I got bored of being on the scene). I wore it out. Can you blame me for not wanting to do it all over again?

And besides, what's so special about NewYears? It's just another day, it only looks like it's special because of the particular calendar we follow. But what if we followed a different one? There are loads of different 'NewYears' going on, so it can't be all that special. If I'm celebrating making it through a year, really that's kinda morbid... and on that logic shouldn't we celebrate everyday?

Yay! I've got a whole new today to look forward to! 

Woot! Let's celebrate tomorrow's arrival! 

Haha! I remember yesterday! 

I guess that's a good way to live, sort of. So long as the celebrating isn't daily over indulgences followed by massive hangovers. But just being happy, appreciating your life and all that love-y dove-y shit that nobody really does but pretend they do 'cause it makes them sound spiritual and 'together'.

I don't know.

While I'm on the topic of NewYears though, may as well discuss resolutions. I think it's pointless to make resolutions like, No more chocolate. No more fags. Exercise daily. Cold turkey, cold turkey, cold turkey! You're not going to achieve anything by removing something you enjoy on the premise of becoming a better person or whatever. It'll be a couple of weeks before you are back on whatever you gave up (or no longer doing whatever you took up) with twice the force to make up for lost time.

I think instead of empty resolutions we should reflect. Look at this year and see what worked, what didn't work. Look at yourself. Understand yourself. You can't 'improve' on something you don't understand so there's no point wasting your life away.

If you look back it'll help you look forward. It'll help you set real goals that you can actually achieve. So that's my plan this year, what's yours?


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  2. That's a very well written blog, this is for sure. I'm here to thank your for the kind follow, which I'm retributing. Everytime a new person starts following me I come to the blog to thank him/her and express my wish we become friends more than anything else.

    I'm not just a follower, I'm a reader, and sort of a good 'Commentator', I'll come everytime there's an update. Thank you muchly for such nice comment in Poesia Torta, it was really kind of you. =)

    Now, talking about this post, you've put things together the way I really like reading - Back to the Future is a futuristic classic I love (I've just discovered Sci-Fi is second in my list of favorite kinds of movies), crazy ways to go through New Year's Eve and the resolutions. =) I'm happy to hear we have the same view on Resolutions. Mine are posted in two different posts in my other blog Diários de Filosofia (Philosophy Diaries) and summarize in two simple things: 1. Reading 15 out of the 100 hundred titles in Newsweek's top 100 books list, and 2. Getting to know more of the Coen Brothers work so I can fully enjoy and appreciate it.

    Pennie!! I've overwritten!! I generally do. Sorry for making this comment this long!! =$
    May you have a great New Year and the necessary strength to make everything you want to do. Much love from Brazil. Take care and keep smiling! =D

  3. First off, writing 1000 words isn't hard for me...ost days. I read a blog post about creating your own word count plan. It changes for everyone.

    Moving on, I think your outlook is slightly pesstimistic. Which I can get, because I've been pesstimistic most of my life. Heres the is filled with a bunch of hard ass shit. You only have one life to live, so why not celebrate a new year? Or a new day? Like the famous song says "Live each day like it's your last."

    But Hey, I know many people who don't celebrate. We are all different do, do whats best for you.

    As for resoultions, they work for some people and fail for others. For me writing a "To Do" list is helpful Resoultions are big "To Do" lists to me.

  4. Just a note: Actually, I don't write in Spanish, language in Brazil is Portuguese - they are very close, though, what mean you may be able to improve your vocabulary for that language. =) Thanks for your kind visit.

    Kiss the tip of your nose. =*