Thursday, 10 December 2009

The vampire fad of late

So, unless you've been trapped under a rock somewhere you have probably noticed vampires are in fashion. There's the Twilight madness and the Trublood thing happening as well as Brad Pitt jumping on the band wagon with talks of Vlad. Now vampires aren't a new sort of fad, people love vampire stories and have done forever (ok, forever is probably a lie) but suddenly it's a little different. There are vampires everywhere and everyone in the media world is grabbing hold of the vampire whirlwind, especially with Twilight doing so well (did I mention the madness).
I am a massive vampire fan, dating pre Robert Pattinson. Even dating pre Buffy but that was obviously the best vampire moment anyone has ever created. This being said I am enjoying all the vampire themes flying around, it means I have lots of choice over what I get to watch. It means I get to indulge in the sex, blood and passion of vampire stories, but it also leaves me a little worried. I am scared that with all the pushing of the vampire genre they are going to push it straight out the door. There is a pretty good chance they are just going to kill it and move on. And sure, the media couldn't care less if this is what happens, they'll just pick up another fad to tell everyone to like, do to death, and then move on from that too. But I don't want vampires ruined. I love vampires. I've loved vampires since I was four years old and walked in on my big sister watching a horror movie I didn't get shoo'd away from, where I got to see a sexy woman bite a fat man in a hospital and him running around scared and bleeding into public telephones attached to the wall, which had been cut off (if anyone has any idea what film this was I will love you infinite amounts).
I remember reading about Elizabeth Bathory for the first time sat in the library and getting an insane amount of excited at a 'real life vampire'. And then having that excitement rekindled reading Tales Of The Slayer where there's a short story about her (and a slayer... it was a Buffy book).
I was about to go on and tell you about all my exciting vampire connected memories, but I'm going to stop. I really am worried about the future of vampire stories, but I know that even if Hollywood kills vampires, it can't last for long. Maybe just a generation at most, but that wont really affect me. I'll always have Buffy as well as all the other great vampire shows/films around. Though I have to say, I had real issues with 30 days of night. Partly because the vampires were ugly, but mostly because humans could out run vampires occasionally. And the vampires couldn't always smell the people. It's like they were just picking and choosing when to follow rules. And this isn't about them changing rules, it's them picking rules for the film and not even succeeding in following those ones for the duration.

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