Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Tips For Winter

I've been ill for weeks now. Normally I just stay in bed until I feel better, but after a certain amount of time you can't really afford to waste away anymore. But then came the snow - and with the snow went the gas. Thanks to the hard working men who dug up the pipes to work on them (but got bored of all the hard work and went home, leaving the pipes uncovered in the fabulous snow) 3000 people in Barnet now don't have gas. I have no idea how long it's going to be this way, but it means no heating and no hot water. Yay...

They've supplied little heaters and electric hobs but it's hardly the same. Those tiny fan heaters don't compensate for the lack of central heating going on and I imagine I will be ill for another couple of weeks because of it. But moaning wont get me anywhere, so I'm going to share with you some of the things I've been doing to keep warm.

  • Fireplace: Not everyone has a fireplace in their house but if you do, get some wood or coal burning and sit by the fireplace with any work it is you have to do. Nothing quite beats reading a book by the fire, I highly recommend it. Unfortunately we are almost all out of the wood we collected destroying old furniture and fixing up the garden during our redecorating this summer...
  • Layers: It's all about layering up when it's cold. I currently have a pair of trackies on underneath my trousers and a jumper over a t-shirt. I imagine I will be putting another hoodie/jumper on when the fire inevitably goes out. Two pairs of socks might be an idea too, one I've not got round to myself but I'm sure I will. And I reckon it's time to stop wearing those summer socks and grab the thick ones, your toes will thank you. The best sort of layering is just staying in bed... you've got a duvet and how ever many blankets you've thrown over it. You can tuck yourself in with your laptop and a nice warm drink (see below) and that's pretty much as cosy as you're going to get.
  • Hot Drinks: Making a pot of tea is a good plan. Keep the pot under a cosy so it holds the warmth and always have a mug in your hands - unless your hands are doing something that doesn't involve staying still and together. This keeps your hands warm and your insides warm too - but I imagine too much tea/coffee isn't the most sensible advice as a caffeine over dose can't do you any good. Hot chocolate works too =]
  • Electric Heaters: I've got one of those little fan ones that normally hang out under desks, keeping your feet warm. If you have warm feet it's only a matter of time before the rest of you follows suit (this brings us back to the sock idea)
  • Electric Blanket: I don't actually have one of these on my bed anymore. I came to the conclusion that they actually just make me feel kind of sick, which isn't the happy bed time feeling you want to aim for. But for some people they are amazing, keeping you toasty whilst warming up the whole bed. I'd recommend looking it to them if you haven't already, but if your body is as sensitive as mine it might not be worth the trouble.
  • Doors: Keep doors closed. The room will heat up faster this way, it just means the rest of the house will be a whole lot colder than you're prepared for as you step through thresholds. This is especially a good idea if you're working with one of those little electric heaters.
  • Cook: Cooking is always a sure fire way to heat up the kitchen and eating hot food is going to warm your insides up. Soup is one of those winter foods you should go learn to cook if you don't already know how.
  • Outside: Just don't do it. Don't go outside unless you absolutely have to, which I appreciate is actually most people as not everyone is a student or works from home. But if you're going to step outside wrap up! You want to be in gloves, a scarf and a coat if you're even thinking about braving the snow.

Have fun hiding from winter, I imagine you actually have heating in your house this Christmas so it's less of an issue. I will never take central heating for granted again!

Feel free to leave any tips of your own in the comments bit =D

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