Sunday, 13 December 2009

Today's The Day

So it's 6.20 in the morning and I really wasn't expecting to be up and starting this early, but I'm here so I may as well start. Truth is, I kind of fail at the sleeping thing most of the time - apart from every so often when I am amazing at the sleeping thing and can do it for 20 hours... Guess which of those states I'm currently in...
At 2am I contemplated starting on the poems, but it almost felt like cheating. Like 2am was last night, not this morning and I was breaking some sort of rule. It's strange how we create rules and guidelines for acceptable ways to do certain things even if they, in reality, don't actually hold much value.

This is just a game, a challenge to see if I am capable and what I will come up with. I'll post them here as I go along and the titles'll go up on Twitter in case anyone decides to join in.
If any of them turn out good, then YAY. But who knows...

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