Friday, 25 December 2009

Tis The Season…

…to get stressed out. At least it seems to be that way for most people. I think it’s something to do with the expectations rather than the season itself; people want too much from a day that promises the world without the power to deliver. There are the people who walk into Christmas celebrations, expecting it to be the best day of the year. They’re expecting a happy ending and love and peace and for none of those everyday things to matter; not on Christmas. But the problem with that is, everything still matters. If you don’t get on with someone, the day of the year isn’t going to change that. If you put a bunch of differing people in a room and force that specific spirit, it’s going to end with clashes and fisticuffs. If two people can’t sit a car journey without fighting normally, what makes people think today will be any different?

So we’ve got those people expecting the world, sat trying to force feed the realists their ideology. All this is doing here is pushing those people not absorbed in the lie, that much further away ‘causing people to try that much harder to convince you to get into the Christmas spirit; to have a nice day; to love them. The wedge, just growing and pushing so those over excited people are left disappointed and stressed out after a day of trying so hard and the other people wound up and hating the season that much more.

I think our best bet when it comes to getting through the season, is not expecting a thing. Can’t be disappointed if you don’t have things falling short of that bar. Expect the worst and then be happy when things aren’t as bad as they could have been. Enjoy the awesome food (‘cause Christmas dinner is clearly the best food you get all year round for some reason) and be happy this isn’t an everyday activity. Eat until you feel sick, then use it as an excuse to go lie down/have a nap… though this obviously has it’s downfall in the fact that eating too much leaves your jeans tight and your chin doubling (and the part where you feel sick...).

I am currently sat waiting for lunch (which I am actually looking forward to!) at my grans house. I have no internet, but the happy lappy came along for the ride to keep me entertained this year, so this gets to be an afternoon/evening post (if I manage to post it today that is).

Happy Yuletide folks! If I get a chance to write you a Christmas poem I’ll post it up =p


  1. It happened I arrived here. Very nice site indeed!
    Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy.

  2. I am very glad that you did =] Thank you for following and welcome to my mind