Thursday, 17 December 2009

A New (albeit late) Discovery

I don't really like TV in general and tend not to bother watching it unless I am in serious need of some brain dead time or feel like I've been neglecting my mother and go watch some soaps with her over a cup of tea or two. This doesn't mean I don't like a good TV show when it comes around! There have been many to catch my eye, which for the most part I have streamed online when I can't sleep or slip into procrastinator mode. Now, there hasn't been a TV show that I have loved as much as I loved Buffy (snigger if you must but growing up to Buffy was fantastic). I'm not sure if my lack of loving is down to TV never being as good or just the fact that I got older and my love became harder to give away, but either way there has been nothing to make me feel the way Buffy made me feel. But perhaps this is a story I shall return to...

The point of this blog wasn't to reveal how much of a geek I am to the people who didn't already know, but instead to talk about Dexter. I keep hearing about it everywhere I go, but I've never put in the effort to watch it. I have no idea when it's on TV or even what channel airs it. Besides there are so many other things I need to be doing and other shows I need to work my way through (Insomnia is something that has been popping up since I was around 9 - but this is a story for another time too). Dexter even has Julie Benz in it, and generally having Buffy actors is normally reason enough for me to watch something...

So, about an hour ago I was sat at my laptop replying to emails and what not, mostly wanting to go to sleep but not being ready to give up on the day yet, when I decided to watch something to fall asleep to. I scoured watch-series for anything that I've not already watched that I would actually want to watch (scoured is kinda a lie) and came across Dexter. Sure, why not. People keep going on about it right? May as well give it a shot...

So here goes Episode one of Season one... and OH WOW. It is genius. How on Earth have I managed to miss 4 seasons of this show? Ok so they're short 12 episode seasons (unless watch-series is just lying to me, but I can usually trust it), but still - that's a lot of amazing to just pass under my radar. So here begins my new sleepless nights series. This year I have got through quite a lot - From beginning to either end or up to date - Grey's Anatomy, Sex and the City, Family Guy, Bones, Xena, How I Met Your Mother, Dollhouse etc etc for any I can't remember.

I realise I could spend my time more productively - after all if I have all those awake hours imagine how much work I could get done! Well - there was a time when that was the case. Perhaps I'll leave that story for another day too.


  1. I too watch entire seasons back to currently on how i met your mother, but i freaking love dexter, bones and greys anatomy :D

  2. Haha =] I think it's the only way to do it! How I met your mother is amazing! I love Alyson Hannigan!